SNesroid Lite 1.12

Play Super Nintendo games on your phone!

SNesroid is an Android SNES emulator that allows you to play all your old favorite Super Nintendo games on your mobile phone. View full description


  • Easy to set up
  • Runs games very proficiently
  • Customizable joypad layout
  • Super Scope
  • ROM search engine


  • Cheats section doesn't work well
  • Audio is often quite crackly


SNesroid is an Android SNES emulator that allows you to play all your old favorite Super Nintendo games on your mobile phone.

SNesroid works by loading Super Nintendo ROMs from your phone's SD card or internal memory. There are no ROMs provided with SNesroid, although it does link to a search engine where you can get them from. Remember though that, downloading copyrighted ROMs from the internet is illegal, so SNesroid should only be used for playing legally obtained backups, if you don't want to break the law.

Once you've clicked on the ROM file you wish to open from the file explorer in SNesroid, the game will load instantly. You'll immediately be struck by how true to the original the game looks on your phone. In our tests of SNesroid on the HTC Desire, most of the SNES games we tried worked very smoothly with little or no lag and no frame rate issues. Sure, the sound can be a bit crackly at times, but not enough to distract from your enjoyment.

One good thing about SNesroid is the way it allows you to customize the controls. You can configure the keys you wish to use or play around with the positions of the controls on the on-screen keyboard. Aside from the awkward-to-reach shoulder buttons, we found the layouts to be generally comfortable.

There are lots of settings to tinker with in SNesroid. For instance, you can set the maximum number of frame rate skips, enable transparency, turn on Super Scope, switch to full screen mode, and more. There's also a cheats section, although this doesn't seem to work at the moment.

You should bear in mind that this Lite version of SNesroid doesn't allow you to save games, so ensure your phone charger is plugged in if you want to complete Zelda (or just buy the full version).

SNesroid is an excellent emulator that allows you to enjoy the wonders of Super Nintendo gaming on your Andoid phone.



SNesroid Lite 1.12

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    reviewed on July 31, 2010